Parkour and Freerunning – What’s the Difference

One could realistically say that parkour is to freerunning what softball is to baseball. While the two may look nearly the exact same from a distance or to those unfamiliar with either sport, those actually engaging in it can take up a whole night at the bar explaining the difference between either sport. Many beginners may find themselves referring to freerunning and parkour or vice versa without even realizing it, at least until someone interested in one of the sports invites said beginner out on an excursion just to have them make a fool of themselves through practicing the wrong sport altogether. While the two activities are extremely similar in many different aspects, there are actually a few key differences which sets either one apart from the other. Do you know what they are? If not, Traceurzone are a few basic principals to keep in mind when distinguishing between the two.

Practicality vs. Fun

parkour backpackUnless you plan on recreating the entire plot of Assassin’s Creed on the way to work or school, you’ll likely never find a situation where running on the side of a wall proves to be more beneficial than taking a stroll down the sidewalk. While I think most of us are here to have a bit of fun more than anything, this is the key difference between the two sports. Where freerunning often involves taking indirect and inefficient routes to one’s destination as an excuse to perform bouts of physical capability, parkour truly revolves around getting from point A to point B as quickly and as efficiently as possible. For example, while a freerunner may run the side of a wall just to later turn a corner, someone doing parkour will jump the wall, getting to their destination quicker than the freerunner.

Strength vs. Endurance

Now, if you are lacking in strength or endurance, you’ll likely not be able to engage in any of these sports; at least not at an advanced level. However, it’s worth noting that while both sports rely on strength and endurance, each one has its favorite using parkour bags – reviews & comparison chart. For example, an expert in parkour may not have the endurance to continuously run alongside a wall, while an expert in freeruning
may not have the strength to climb a ten-foot fence. While parkour requires endurance, it requires heavily on strength. The opposite could be said of freerunning.

Preemptive Obstacles vs. The Environment

Freerunning typically relies upon the environment. No, not grass and trees. Things need to already be in place for freerunners to work their magic (typically buildings and other structures which one can’t merely set up in their back yard). Those just venturing into the world of parkour; however, can create a perfect arena for a relatively small amount of cash. While parkour can be (and often is) done around already-made environments, there is a bit more flexibility in this regard, allowing beginners to practice up in their back yard before venturing out with friends into environments which may require some more practice before undertaking.


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